Southern Colorado Writing Project Coaching Protocol

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Summary: Teacher leaders designing professional development programs will find this nine step coaching protocol useful. The resource outlines a cycle for working with teachers and describes how to coach participants through the stages of brainstorming, developing, presenting, reflecting on and revising a presentation/demonstration lesson/inquiry workshop. In addition, it offers “how-to” guidance, a timeframe, and overall goals with each coaching cycle.

A Guide for Writing Marathon Leaders

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Authors: Richard Louth

Summary: This in-depth guide, drawn from the book “I’m a Writer”: Essays on the Writing Marathon and Why We Write, covers just about everything needed to organize and run a successful writing marathon. In a writing marathon, small groups write and share their writing as they move through a setting such as a landscape, a city neighborhood, a museum. These events–for teachers, community members, and/or students– can inspire writing while also developing community among writers and celebrating local spaces.


Creating a Pedagogy of Facilitation: Ideas From the Philadelphia Writing Project

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Authors: Christina Puntel and Carol Rose

Summary: Created by Philadelphia Writing Project teacher-consultants, this guide and related resources invite emergent leaders to consider how they might plan, lead, and facilitate specific professional development series. Included are facilitation scenarios (e.g., planning a PD series on Writing Workshop and Conferencing or Writing Across the Curriculum) and protocols designed to provoke discussion. There could be additional questions to consider, for example, what kinds of “writing experiences” would you design into the series? What sorts of “readings” would have participants engage with?

A Guide to Workshop Development and Coaching

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Author: Susan Bennett

Summary: How can we coach new teacher leaders as they prepare to lead professional learning activities? In a clear, concise brochure format, this resource outlines a coaching protocol and offers a frame for working with teachers in the early stages of learning to lead professional development. This frame identifies a sequence of face-to-face and email interactions that could easily include other forms of technology to support coaching interactions.

Ten Prompts to Help Turn Your Demonstration into an Article

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Author: Art Petersen

Summary: This brief list of prompts is designed to help teachers think about turning teaching demonstrations into professional articles. The prompts could help launch a writing retreat or encourage teachers to move towards publishing their classroom inquiry projects.

Protocols: Looking at Student Work (for participants) and Looking at Student Work (for facilitator)

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Author: Hudson Valley Writing Project

Summary: This protocol is one that takes teachers through the steps of looking at student work in a professional development session. The accompanying script helps a facilitator to guide participants through the “turns” in the protocol process. Adapted from the Prospect Center Descriptive Review Process and the National School Reform Faculty Appreciative Inquiry protocol, this resource allows participants to name what students have accomplished before making recommendations for next steps. Rather than focusing on deficits, it offers an additive model for reviewing student work.

Curating a Writing Museum: A Protocol

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Summary: This protocol introduces an activity that professional development facilitators can use to guide participants in creating a “museum gallery walk” to study their students’ writing. The activity would work well after participants have experimented with new writing instruction in their classrooms and presumes that participants have student writing for collegial review that they have brought to the table. This resource can lead to rich discussions about what students have accomplished and can accomplish as writers. The activity can also be adapted easily to PD with a focus on teachers as writers prompting them to examine their own writing in similar ways.

Multi-Session Calendar for School-Based Professional Development

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Author: Katelin Grande

Summary: This blueprint/plan for a multi-day professional development series was created by teacher-consultants from the Hudson Valley Writing Project. Along with illustrating how reading, writing, and inquiry strands were designed strategically for the series, this plan also serves as a calendar for teacher-participants and includes time considerations. The second page includes a list of literacy topics that the group explored, another document that was shared with participants.