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Educating Funders and Partners About the Work of Your Site

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Author: Sue McIntyre

Summary: Looking to increase your site’s visibility and raise new funding? This resource from the Western Massachusetts WP is a great model of how important site information can be compiled into a “Who We Are” document. Geared toward outsiders such as donors or university partners, this document enables the site to communicate more effectively about its programs and their impact. Sites looking to promote themselves to similar audiences should take a look.

Original Date of Publication: March 2, 2013

As part of a comprehensive development plan to increase visibility and raise new funding, Westerm Massachusetts WP recognized the need to educate others about its site:

We developed Site Materials to present ourselves to potential donors and within the University. “Who We Are,” (attached) was developed as the start toward a case.

The attached document is a great model for sites considering the development of similar materials.


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Original Source: National Writing Project,

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