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Lawnmowers, Parties, and Writing Groups: What Teacher-Authors Have to Teach Us about Writing for Publication

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Author: Anne Elrod Whitney

Summary: When teachers write for others in their profession they are taking on a form of leadership and embracing a means for advocating for the value of teacher classroom inquiry and reflective practice. This article, is one of many by Anne Whitney, a researcher who has studied the professional practice of NWP teachers, that invites teacher-writers to get beyond the hurdles of doubt as they approach publication of their professional writing. An inspirational article for teacher writing groups that will resonate with teachers who are ready or getting ready to share their work more publicly.

Original Date of Publication: 2012


“There are those in the educational conversation who would like to hear less from teachers, leaving deliberations about teaching and learning to “experts” outside the classroom. I hate to see them get their way. Instead, I imagine what is possible when we as a profession find ways to speak about and for ourselves. I hope we will continue the fine tradition of teachers writing in the past 100 years of English Journal, building a vision of English teaching and learning informed from within the classroom.”

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Original Source: National Writing Project, https://www.nwp.org/cs/public/print/resource/4648

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