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Planning a Cohesive, Year-long Program with a Partner School: The “Arc” of Professional Development

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Author: Jane Frick, Tom Pankiewcz, and Terri McAvoy

Summary: In this NWP webinar, teacher leaders from the Prairie Lands Writing Project share specific examples of the steps they followed to develop and implement a yearlong intensive professional development partnership. The webinar begins with a discussion of how site leaders approached the partner school, built a strong relationship with key staff, conducted needs assessments, and collaboratively developed the program budget and a list of common goalst. The focus then shifts to specific examples of how the site developed and facilitated the PD sessions throughout the year. A particularly strong point of the webinar is the inclusion of a link to a google folder with all of the materials discussed in the webinar.

Original Date of Publication: February 18, 2014

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Original Source: National Writing Project College-Ready Writers Program,

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