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Working With New Teachers: Building Networks and Allies (NWP Radio)

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Guests: Kira J. Baker-Doyle

Summary: Are you building programming for new teachers? Listen to this podcast for a fascinating discussion about the role that social networks play in new teachers’ early professional path. The participants offer conceptual and practical thoughts about what happens when new teachers gain access to and strategically gather resources from various networks (face-to-face and online).

Original Date of Publication: March 8, 2012

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Duration: 1 hour


Kira J. Baker-Doyle on building social networks:

I became interested in networks, part of because I was really interested in networks like the National Writing Project and more local networks and I wanted to sort of see how those networks worked, but I was also studying the ways that communities organize—like community organizing literature and those kind of things—and I found that, you know, in this community organizing literature there’s this idea of social networks, of social capital embedded in communities, and I thought, ‘You know what? I bet teachers develop a certain kind of social capital in schools that they use, through all the collaboration that they develop—in and out of school actually—what is this social capital they develop and how does it support them?’ And then I realized that if I kind of worked with beginning teachers, that would give me a chance to really see that evolution of a network; how beginning teachers build social support networks.

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Original Source: National Writing Project, https://www.nwp.org/cs/public/print/resource/3792

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