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Patricia Smith: Exploring Life Through the Poetry of Personas

Summary: Renowned poet and poetry slam performer Patricia Smith explores urban life and history by getting into people's skins and speaking their words. In this powerful and inspiring keynote for NWP's 2010 Urban Sites Network Conference, she reflect

Place-Based Poetry, Modeling One Revision at a Time

Author: Ann Gardner Summary: With the goal of helping her students create free-form poetry that engages "the part of their brains that allows them to crawl into deep recesses of memory, shake hidden treasures awake, and write from their souls," An

Reflections on an Online Teachers Writing Group

Author: Anne Elrod Whitney Summary: After participating in an NWP program, teachers may be eager to continue writing and yet may find themselves consumed by other obligations related to teaching and their personal lives. This thoughtful article of

Puny Poetry Meets Its Match

Author: Gerri Ruckle & Jim Horrell Summary: What can we do when confronted with the challenge of helping young poets develop an awareness of the expressive power of poetry as opposed to rhyming lines that that often convey little meaning? By s

Meet the Poets: the Writers Council and Beyond

Summary: Over time, NWP has been fortunate to learn from a wide range of writers. Here meet some of the poets and poet/teachers who shared their work and thinking with the network. 13026

Portfolios That Make a Difference: A Four-Year Journey

Author: Judith Ruhana Summary: In this article, a teacher recaps her journey with portfolio assessment over four years. The writer shows how teachers can and need to adjust their teaching based on their students' reflections on learning. The artic

Billy Collins: A ‘Reader’s Poet’ Reads at NWP’s Annual Meeting

Summary: Two-time Poet Laureate Billy Collins shared his poetry, insights into writing, and many, many humorous asides at the 2009 NWP Annual Meeting's General Session. 13010

Everybody’s Vaguely Familiar: Jack Powers, Poetry & A Career of Teaching Writing

Your browser does not support this format, but you can download this episode wherever you get your podcasts. Download | Subscribe: Apple / Android / Spotify To celebrate National Poetry Month , NWP Radio visited with poet and teacher Jack Powers, c

Love Ties My Shoes: Long-term English Learners as Thoughtful Writers

Author: Lynn Jacobs Summary: Students in a high school English Language Development class writing a book? Lynn Jacobs' story of her students success can inform teacher study groups and inspire professional development sessions. For details about t

Annotated Bibliography for NWP Professional Writing Retreats

Summary: The purpose of this annotated bibliography is to showcase examples of writing that were developed at NWP Professional Writing Retreats. From pieces on teacher practice to books about the teaching of writing, this bibliography has something o