Rural Voices Radio

Summary: Rural Voices Radio, a product of the National Writing Project’s Rural Voices, Country Schools program, celebrates what is “genuinely good, genuinely rural” about America’s rural schools. Each half-hour program comprises original poems, stories, and essays by teachers and students from Writing Project sites across the country about the places...

Considering the 5-Paragraph Essay

Summary: The 5-paragraph essay: it is frequently derided, but hard to avoid. This collection explores the critique of the 5-paragraph essay, and considers how we could move beyond it to more creative and authentic forms of academic writing.

Badges and Badging in the Classroom

Summary: Sites that are awarding or exploring badges may want to point colleagues to these selections that illustrate how teacher-leaders have used badges in their classroom teaching or writing programs.

Reading Together at NWP Sites and Beyond

Summary: How do we keep our reading lists fresh and responsive to the interests and needs of the community of educators. This collection contains strategies and reflections from NWP leaders about selecting reading for the Invitational Leadership Institute, study groups, and personal journeys.

NWP Badges: The Collection

Summary: Through its local sites and national programs, the NWP awards badges to recognize educators’ various skills and accomplishments connected to writing project work. This collection identifies and explains currently open badges that sites can award and/or participants can receive. View the public criteria that viewers see connected to a...

Building New Pathways to Leadership by Innovating Beyond the Traditional Writing Project Model Institute

Summary: Providing inspiration and guidance, this collection features six case studies of sites reimagining their core leadership programs to reach teachers not served by their regular summer institute. Both the finished products and the detailed explanations of the design processes of these six examples can be instructive for any team...

Getting Started with Disciplinary Literacy

Summary: Disciplinary literacy is about the particular focus on reading and writing in a discipline or content area, the unique texts and strategies that constitute a discipline. This collection contains a small set of resources to start to explore disciplinary literacy.

What if You Crave Books but Your Library is Closed?

Summary: We and our students might be craving books while we’re home but without the resources to drop lots of cash at Amazon or iBooks or Barnes & Noble. What we want is that magical institution which is a library, of course. But what if your library is closed? If you...