Connecting the Network Virtual Roundtables

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What are Connecting the Network calls?

Connecting the Network calls support leaders at NWP sites in connecting across sites around topics that matter to them. The NWP is a robust network of professional leaders with a range of experience, knowledge, and resources; these calls are designed to create space for sharing (exploring/connecting) resources and ideas to write, learn, and lead as a writing project network.   

When will these calls take place?

There are three Connecting the Network calls each semester. In response to requests, we have scheduled a variety of times and days of the week in hopes of allowing for a wide range of schedules. Each Connecting the Network call is scheduled for 75 minutes to provide plenty of time for interaction around the topics we explore each month. 

How do we connect?

All Connecting the Network calls will use Zoom as a virtual meeting space. Each month, look for an RSVP form in the site bulletin and this page.  When you complete the RSVP form, you will be added to the call list. The day before the meeting, you will receive a link to join the zoom call. 

If you are new to Connecting the Network calls, you can find more information on the features of a zoom call and how to join an NWP Connecting the Network call at this video link (Connecting the Network How To Video)  and this information page (Six Things to Know About Making the Connecting the Network Calls Work). 


Past Calls

Follow the date-links below to see the agendas and links to documents used in roundtable sessions.