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Bridges: From Personal Writing to the Formal Essay

Author: James Moffett Summary: Asserting his belief that “all writing is idea writing,” James Moffett explores the transition from writing personal experience themes to writing formal essays. In the process, he presents a schema that groups di

The How of Writing: First-Graders Learn Craft

Author: Glorianne Bradshaw Summary: Inspired by the ways upper grade teachers use mentor texts to generate more interesting student writing, Bradshaw uses the Frog and Toad books to teach writing to her first graders, demonstrating sentence variet

Revision and Writing Groups in the First Grade: Finding the Black Ninja Fish

Author: Joanna Franklin Summary: After her experience participating in a writing group in her NWP summer institute, this teacher/author developed an instructional sequence in order to teach revision in her first grade class. She begins in Septembe

Writing Spaces: Expanding the One-Story House

Author: Elizabeth Leiknes Summary: Leiknes encourages a fresh perspective on how we approach writing as a process with young authors. Using her own home as an organizing metaphor, she points out ways to clear the cobwebs in prewriting, to try a fr

Place-Based Poetry, Modeling One Revision at a Time

Author: Ann Gardner Summary: With the goal of helping her students create free-form poetry that engages "the part of their brains that allows them to crawl into deep recesses of memory, shake hidden treasures awake, and write from their souls," An

School-based Family Writing Projects: A Model from Southern Nevada Writing Project

By: Arthur Kelly Frame: In this resource, Arthur Kelly describes designing a family writing program at his urban Las Vegas school as a way of engaging families in the school. The article answers questions about starting a family writing project a

Writing In the Community: The New Orleans Writing Marathon as Model

Authors: Richard Louth Summary: This article explores the history and foundations of the New Orleans-style writing marathon. Richard Louth describes what it’s like to lead a writing marathon; he provides tips, insights, writing prompts, and writ

The Politics of Correction: How We Can Nurture Students in Their Writing and Help Them Learn the Language of Power

Author: Linda Christensen Summary: This brief yet powerful article by Linda Christensen is sure to encourage thoughtful and extended professional dialogue among educators grappling with dilemmas about students’ home and school language. Christen

Linda Christensen: Social Justice, Teaching Writing, and Teaching Teachers

Author: Pamela Morgan Summary: Linda Christensen’s work is a great starting point and resource for anyone looking to integrate teaching for social justice into the classroom or designing/facilitating a professional learning experience focused on

Lee Anne Bell Counters the “Stock Stories” of Race and Racism

Author: Art Peterson Summary: This article by Art Peterson describes how Lee Anne Bell, author of Storytelling for Social Justice, explores the tension between stock stories and counter or concealed stories in order to develop an anti-racist pedag