Tools and Resources for Teacher-Leaders and Their Work

Built by teacher-leaders for teacher-leaders, write.learn.lead collects a Knowledge Base of readings and resources from the NWP network and connects you to the stream of NWP conversations through Connecting the Network calls, NWP Radio podcasts, and the Write Now newsletter.

A Growing Collection of Badges Now Available for Sites to Award
With NWP’s Badging System now open and available through the NWP Dashboard, sites are able to award badges for Teacher-Consultants, both new and existing, as well as for C3WP. Teacher-consultants who participated in this summer’s writing assessment work are earning badges as well. Beginning now, sites can award individual badges for the six social practices as well. ¬†Read More

New in the Collection

Rural Voices Radio collection now online
NWP is thrilled to announce that the full Rural Voices Radio collection, previously only available on CD, is now available online here in WLL as well as on NWPs Spotify playlists.


Nebraska Writing Project Seven-Part Collection on Place-based Education
The Nebraska Writing Project has drawn on their 30-year experience with place-conscious education to produce a 7 part audio series. The series articulates the theory and practice of place-conscious education with regards to the teaching of writing and then features a wonderful series of example projects by teacher-consultants.


Visit the Knowledge Base to find stories, resources, and articles created by your NWP colleagues and curated by NWP teacher-leaders to use in program development, leadership activities, and professional growth at local sites.