Leading Professional Learning

Advocacy Toolkit for NWP Sites

Summary: The NWP Advocacy Toolkit was developed to help NWP site leaders gain local, state, and national support for their sites, and to provide information about the federal legislative process. This toolkit is a valuable resource for sites in their ongoing efforts to educate policymakers about the importance of writing...

Exploring Resources from Teacher-Researcher Marian Mohr

Summary: A leader in the field of teacher research, Marian Mohr left a legacy of resources to support teacher inquiry. This article provides an excellent annotated bibliography of resources for anyone interested in participating in or guiding teachers through the inquiry process.

Enabling Communities and Collaborative Responses to Teaching Demonstrations

Author: Janet A. Swenson, Diana Mitchell Summary: This monograph explains a useful protocol developed by Red Cedar Writing Project for responding to demonstrations in the Summer Institute, called the Collaborative Responses to Teaching Demonstrations (CRTD). This response takes the form of a letter to the person offering the demonstration, thus...

Sample Materials for a Professional Writing Retreat

Summary: Thinking of gathering some colleagues together to work on professional writing for publication? This resource includes materials that can serve as models for site and teacher leaders contemplating hosting a Professional Writing Retreat: a sample flyer and application requirements along with different retreat options, and manuscript requirements.

Mandated Reform vs. Classroom Reality

Author: Joe Check Summary: How should teachers pro-actively respond to school reforms mandated from above? This article advocates for teachers to take the lead in determining how these reforms are best implemented at the school and classroom level through reflective inquiry practices. Specifically, the article covers three main lines of...

Window Sill: Teacher-Researchers and the Study of Writing Process

Author: Marian M. Mohr Summary: For those new to facilitating teacher-research, this article provides insight into the process, specifically how teachers approach research, the potential for research to change teaching practice, and implications for teacher education. It’s written as an introduction to a collection of research reports on the writing...

Connected Learning: An Agenda for Research and Design

Summary: “Connected learning is realized when a young person is able to pursue a personal interest or passion with the support of friends and caring adults, and is in turn able to link this learning and interest to academic achievement, career success or civic engagement.” This report—which emerged from the...

Teachers Writing for Publication: Tips from a Teacher, Author, and Editor

Author: Louann Reid Summary: Written by a former journal editor, this article provides advice about developing teacher voice and in-depth information about getting published in a range of professional forums. The piece offers useful content for writing retreats, and other events/activities related to teachers’ professional writing.

A Year in the Life of a Director

Summary: This graphic/timeline of “A Year in the Life of a Director” encapsulates the management responsibilities and initiatives necessary to keep things running at a local site. This tool is helpful in assisting site leaders and program coordinators with funding deadlines, reporting deadlines, and organizational leadership meetings.

How Geeky Is Your Book Club?

Author: Christina Cantrill Summary: Teacher leaders looking for opportunities to engage with new professional literature online, either personally or with colleagues in a study group, might find the Marginal Syllabus a useful support structure. This article describes the genesis of the Marginal Syllabus and points to ways for teacher-leaders to get...