Digital Learning

Panel Discussion: Making, Coding, Writing

Summary: This keynote discussion from the Scratch @ MIT 2014 Conference, featuring Mitch Resnick (MIT/Scratch) interviewing Elyse Eidman-Aadahl (National Writing Project) and Dale Dougherty (Maker Education Initiative), emphasizes making, coding, and writing as deeply related modes of creating meaning and sharing it with the world.

Building Supports For Passion-Driven Learning and Social Change

Author: Connected Learning Alliance Summary: This profile of a 14-year-old aspiring photographer from a New York City public high school illustrates the power of connected learning, showing what is possible when a young person is able to openly pursue a personal interest with the collective support of friends and compassionate...

Why We Need a #techquity Conversation

Author: Joe Dillon Summary: This blogpost introduces a foundational conversation for teachers interested in issues of equity, technology, and instruction and offers readers access to an ongoing discussion on Twitter about students as users of technology that has its own hashtag: #techequity. The post includes hyperlinks to a number of...