LEARN Marginal Syllabus (January)—Revising Resistance: A Step Toward Student-Centered Activism

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Our January reading for LEARN Marginal Syllabus recounts how Alex Corbitt, the author and former middle school educator, employed “radically student-centered” pedagogy as part of a teen activism course. In his Voices from the Middle article, Corbitt describes how he reimagined an elective course in order to situate and support students as activists. Assigned to teach a documentary film class, he proposed to his students that they focus on teen activism, and invited them to co-design the class with him as the year unfolded. This inspirational article describes the ways in which Corbitt helped students design their own learning, study issues of critical importance like racism, and engage in activism.


  • Joe Dillon (Host), Humanities Teacher; Co-Founder, Marginal Syllabus
  • Alex Corbitt, Educator; Writer; PhD Candidate, Boston College
  • Christina Cantrill, Associate Director, National Writing Project
  • Remi Kalir, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado; Co-Founder, Marginal Syllabus

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